Abs & Axes

Abs & Axes is my current D&D 5e campaign that I run with friends using Roll20.

The Characters

  • Edgar Dravet - A Human Sorcerer with a hint of draconic blood from the southern islands of Helladhil. After his family lost their lands he became a sailor and now travels the world trying to earn the money to regain their lands. (Started in s01e01, currently level 5.)
  • Mauz - A skinny Human Rogue that grew up as an urchin on the streets of Haham. He left the city hastily after lightening the wrong pockets. (Started in s01e01, currently level 5.)
  • Saréna Tinwel - A young Wood Elven Monk taken in by a monastic order after she was orphaned and kept as a slave by a band of Orcs. (Started in s02e02, currently level 5.)
  • Kibble - A Halfling sage turned would-be author (Bard). While visiting a cave in his native lands he was overtaken by an all-encompassing darkness and found himself transported to a closet at the Library of Legends in Kulidair. (Started in s03e03, currently level 5.)
  • Catali “Cat” Rivers - A friend of Mauz’s from his time on the streets in Haham. (Active as an NPC throughout s03, starting as a PC in s04e01.)

Inactive Characters

  • Siolas Ellamir - A Half-elven Ranger haunted by the death of his younger brother at the hands of a band of Orcish raiders while he was wandering in the wilds of Adrindest. (Started in s01e01, went on hiatus as of s02e02, currently level 2.)
  • Lord Seth of Arnórë Tirvarda - A High Elven Paladin driven to work in the service of Enelwing while proving he can live independently of his family’s coddling. (Started in s01e02, went on hiatus as of s02e02, currently level 2.)

Series One - [Redacted] and the [Redacted] of [Redacted]

Where our heroes are hired as security for an archaeological expedition and end up being the only people to return home afterwards.

  • Episode One - [Redacted] and the [Redacted] of [Redacted], Part One
  • Episode Two - [Redacted] and the [Redacted] of [Redacted], Part Two
  • Episode Three - [Redacted] and the [Redacted] of [Redacted], Part Three
  • The Journal - More detailed information about the Late Lord Ferrel’s journal.

Series Two - The Land of the Little People

Where our heroes travel to Dorothel, the Kingdom of the Nymph Woods (the native land of the Halflings).

  • Episode One - The Road to Llaney
  • Episode Two - Wally Winko and the Confectioner's Guild Factory
  • Episode Three - The Siege of Nullukarbh
  • Wrap-up Post - This is the out-of-character post that I put up for the players and then had them vote on what direction they wanted to see the campaign go.

Series Three - The Way South

Where our heroes travel south to the city of Kulidair in the Holy Dominion of Egiolin to recover what was taken from the Spear of Omon centuries ago.

  • Episode One - The Road South
  • Episode Two - Arrival in Kulidair
  • Episode Three - The Silent Librarian
  • Episode Three Wrap-up - What was learned from the ruined book recovered in s03e03.
  • Episode Four - Be Our Guest, Part One (Where our heroes infiltrate a fancy ball at the estate of one of the noble families of Kulidair.)
  • Episode Five - Be Our Guest, Part Two (More time at the ball, secrets gleaned from the private archives of the nobility, and an attack by a group of brigands.)
  • Episode Six - Actual Dungeons. Actual Dragons? (Having found evidence of where to look to try to find the item they came to Kulidair to recover the heroes make their way to the Noble’s Overlook and from there into the Crypt of the Mage Queen.)
  • Episode Seven - Attack of the Xorn!: The heroes continue their push into the Crypt.
  • Episode Eight - The Crypt of the Queen: Discovering the Queen’s final resting place, and fighting their way through the last of her guards the heroes collect the magic orb they were seeking.
  • Episode Nine - End of Days: Finding themselves mid-stream of a plan to remove Cat from the city the events of the past few days are poorly revealed via flashback. The party escapes the city with the help of some Adhil traders making their way down-river to Dolonde (stopping briefly at an seemingly abandoned gnomish village overrun by zombie gnomes and goblins) and back north to The Crossroads from there.

House Rules

The following rules are used as part of this campaign…

  • Hit Points - When you reach a new level and roll for hit points, if your roll is under half the possible value for the die then take the average roll of that die (rounded up) instead. (Apply constitution modifiers as normal.)
  • Hero Points - For each level characters receive one Hero Point. These points are granted by level (“for the entire time you’re level two, you get two to spend”) not by session. A new set of points is received when you level up. (So go ahead and use them!) A single hero point can be spent to…
    • Add 1d6 to an attack roll, ability/skill check, saving throw made by your character.
    • Add 1d6 to an attack, ability/skill, or saving throw made by another player character.
    • Automatically succeed in a death save.
    • Re-roll a damage roll and take the higher of the two results.
    • Turn a roll of 18 or 19 into a critical hit.
  • Healing Surge - Once per short rest characters may use Healing Surge as a regular Action to allow them to spend up to half their Hit Dice to recover Hit Points. Characters regain Hit Die + CON modifier Hit Points. They may roll individual Hit Dice before deciding if they wish to spend another (up to their limit). A short rest will return 1/4 of the character’s Hit Dice (minimum one). A long rest will return 1/2 of the character’s Hit Dice.