Abs & Axes - [Redacted] and the [Redacted] of [Redacted], Part Two

August 16, 214 UE, The Plains, Southwest from the Crossroads

The morning after the Kobold-slaughterfest a beleaguered mule-cart arrives carrying a tardy High Elven Paladin (Lord Seth of Arnórë Tirvarda) in a blue tabard with a yellow fleur-de-lys embroidered on the front. After Major Torts paid the mule-cart driver he ushered everyone into the back of his and Berellenoq's cart and the party made your way to Ferrelton.

As the party crossed what was once the village square of the long-abandoned town they saw a rising puff of smoke from the side of the keep overlooking the town. When the party arrived they found that someone had used a keg of gunpowder to breach the outer wall of the keep to get inside.

Berellenoq rushed to the opening and, seeing a Dwarf he recognized, pulled his dagger and charged towards the Dwarf. But the Dwarf got the drop on him and fired a well-placed crossbow bolt through Berellenoq's face before calling out a warning to his compatriots.

With the assistance of Major Torts the party killed the fez-wearing Dwarf and (after hearing a Halfling voice from below asking for a status update) proceeded down a spiral staircase that had been exposed by the blast that had opened the wall. (With Edgar Dravet, the Sorcerer, donning his newfound headgear.)

As the party regrouped at the bottom of the spiral staircase between a pair of dragon head sculptures (that had once been painted white but had flaked off with age). In the light of a single flickering torch in a wall sconce Major Torts was attacked from behind by a wailing Halfling assailant in a blue and white striped headwrap, but the party made quick work of him despite a critical error on the part of Siolas which sent an arrow into the back of Major Torts's shoulder.

After the swearing died down Major Torts decided the party should approach the western passageway where there was a lit room and a flipped table being used as a barricade. A wizard in a tattered off-white robe with short grey hair threatened the part from behind the table and caused the hallway leading up to it to become dangerously slippery. Edgar shot a flaming bolt into his makeshift cover causing it to catch fire and the wizard wasted valuable time putting it out. Siolas fell victim to the slick corridor while the rest of the party made their way into the room where Mouse, Lord Seth and Major Torts made short work of the addled wizard.

Lying next to the wizard's body the party found a large leather-bound journal with a heraldic device on the front.

(Crest for House Ferrel goes here)

The journal was written in an outdated version of the Thell language, but included a diagram of an idol which Major Torts identified as being the item they were after.

(Idol drawing goes here)

(The in-game drawing varies from this drawing a bit: it has two large tusk-like teeth that extend upwards from the lower jaw; it appears to be clutching a hammer to it's chest; the figure between its legs has tentacles; there are notes in the margin that state that the person who wrote them was unsure if it had vanquished the tentacled figure or given birth to it.)

The party also found a wooden panel, approximately six inches square, the sides laminated with a thin sheet of metal it appeared to have holes punched through it randomly. Along one edge another layer of wood had been added to make a sort of handle or grip, and a rotting leather cord was looped through a hole in the grip.

On the wall in this former library was an aging shield which Lord Seth was able to identify as some sort of Elven heraldic device, but not one he was familiar with (and he was familiar with all the High Elven noble families).

(Shield image goes here)

Major Torts declared the party would explore the northern corridor and proceeded down the first sloped section of the corridor. Mid-step a sound like metal grinding against stone was heard and Major Torts tipped forwards down the incline while his head came rolling backwards to land at the party's feet.

After some searching the party found a series of vertical slots in the walls above the sloped section of the floor that were a similar size to the wooden square. After trying the two nearest to the corridor on either side, the wooden square slid into a slot to the right of the corridor exposing a door to the side of the alcove which had been disguised as a portion of the wall.

With their employers both dead and in the depths of a long-abandoned crypt what would they do next?