The Siege of Nullukarbh

September 8th, 214 UE, Llaney

Jerry Maren, a member of the Confectioner's Guild, had hired Edgar and Mouse to help him transport a supply of sugar to Llaney to help him replace ingredients that weren't available to him because of failing crops in the north of Dorothel. Something that Saréna had seen first-hand in her wanderings.

Having disappeared before (to be found again later elsewhere) amid stories of encroaching shadows Siolas and Lord Seth have been nowhere to be found since arriving in Llaney.

While making their way north Edgar and Mouse saw signs of a number of groups of Orcish raiders using a common iconography: a roughly painted black spider adorning their gear. This was a symbol that Siolas was apparently familiar with but he didn't comment on.

The strange dreams that troubled Mouse of seeking something within a seemingly unending series of circular walls have continued unabated, and for the last two nights Edgar has been stricken with unusual dreams as well.

You wake in the darkness, the sounds of clanging metal and the screams of combat in the distance. A deep voice speaks to you...

"They've come, they'll breach the walls any time now. They'll take no prisoners, accept no ransoms. You need to get out of the city, there's a tunnel below. Scout the way and clear a path, then someone will join you to escort the children to safety. We'll hold the lines here. Go, now, there's no time to lose."

The Great City of Nullukarbh, during the days leading up to the Thirty Days of Darkness

Awakening in the darkness the heroes found they felt as if they had awoken from a strange dream where they had been humans, elves. As the sleep cleared they came to grips with their “real” forms.

  • Balcmeg, an Orcish Barbarian.
  • Lurtzog, an Orcish Warlock.
  • Rodush, a Cleric of the Orc god of War, Omon.

The three were in the Orcish city of Nullukarbh, A city built around a massive silver spire called the Spear of Omon that rose out of the valley from the center of a crater. The high priest of Omon implored them to take a small glass sphere they could use to send a message back to him with and to follow a tunnel through the crypts under the city to the forests to the south to scout a clear path for the children of the city to escape. They fled to the tunnel as the city was aflame, huge winged beasts flying overhead while an army of Drow laid waste to anything that stood in their path as they made their way to the Spear of Omon.

After exiting the tunnel through a secret exit at the edge of the southern woods the war band fought a seemingly unending series of elves holding a barricaded crossroads position.

A few things became clear during the course of the fight and as they were able to slay the invaders:

  • The elves didn’t actually have black skin but had applied charcoal to their skin to provide them extra cover in the darkness. (When exposed they had the fair complexion and light-colored hair common in High Elves.)
  • Their heraldry clearly used the fleur de lys pattern common in elven heraldry, but using purple/black/silver. (None of the colors used in “modern” elven heraldry.)
  • Their commanders bore heraldry that was stylistically identical to that of Arnórë Tirvarda (heraldic device), but in purple/black/silver rather than blue/black/gold.

After enduring the onslaught of dozens of the Elves (and one of their Hippogryph mounts) and hearing another large collection of them on the way the Orcs decided that this was not a safe path to try to evacuate the city and that they should signal back to the high priest using the glass sphere he had given them. When they looked at the sphere they found that the purple spark that had been in the center of their sphere (which the high priest had described as how he would be able to tell if they were still out there using his identical sphere) had gone out signaling that the city had fallen for sure. They destroyed their sphere (the method for signaling an unsafe route) and fled into the woods.

From their hiding places the Orcs were able to see a large, guarded caravan of Elves leaving with a cart containing a large spherical item with light shining out from the cracks in its metal surface.

Seeing a vision of the inside of a massive cylindrical tower, and once again in their normal forms (as Edgar, Mouse, and Saréna) the heroes saw a pattern matching that of the holy symbol of the Church of Enelwing, but with one of the corners slowly blinking red (the uppermost left/north west corner).

The party awoke in a Halfling keep, lying in the pens of a stable. An inky blackness receding from them under the cloak of a very tall figure wrapped in a hooded white cloak and a white mask. Jerry, their sometime Halfling employer bleeding out from a jagged black Orcish arrow through his torso.

(We needed to wrap for the night there, so most of the wrap-up for this session took place in an out-of-character post in our facebook group. You can read the content of that post over here.)