Arrival in Kulidair

With another half day’s travel ahead of you (and a foggy nightfall rapidly approaching) you make camp where it’s convenient: in some Old Elven ruins on the northern shore of a lake.

As you begin to settle in a familiar face approaches from the shadows, Jata Telpë, the messenger from House Tirvarda.

“Would you mind if I shared your fire? I’ve got a full wineskin to drain and could use some help with it.”

(This was something of a sandbox exploration session which isn’t particularly my strong suit, so things got a bit squidgy on us for the night and the notes here may reflect that. -Mike)

September 21st, 214 UE, North of Kulidair

The party made camp for the night to the north of Kulidair and were approached by Jata Telpë who offered to share his wine and (better-quality) rations with them. As fog settled in over the lake he told them a bit about the city itself, his job as messenger for the Arnórë Tirvarda, and his search for Lord Seth.

During the night…

  • Mouse was troubled by his recurring dream of a series of circular walls.
  • Edgar once again had a dream of swimming in water with a giant statue of a High Elven woman holding up her hand to him with a bright light emanating from it.
  • Saréna experienced a dream of standing on a high platform overlooking a statue of a High Elven woman before falling down an unending pit then awakening with a start.

September 22nd, 214 UE, Kulidair

In the morning with the previous night’s fog cleared away the party could see a huge statue of a High Elven woman, her hand up-stretched in the middle of the lake. A monument to the Mage-Queen Egiolin that the nation had been named for.

Jata travelled to the city with the party and helped smooth things over with the city guards before buying everyone a round of drinks at the Rounded Ear inn and excusing himself.

While at the inn Mouse noticed a human man having a somewhat heated conversation with a tattooed High Elven woman in Thieves’ Cant. After putting the visitor in his place the woman excused herself and Mouse stepped outside to speak with her. Introducing himself in Thieves’ Cant and making it known that he and his friends didn’t want to intrude on anyone else’s territory the woman (Kana) explained to him that she oversaw the area and that anyone who was able to act with discretion would be allowed to do so as long as the local guild was given a cut of anything that was earned on their territory.

Saréna took the opportunity to discuss things with the innkeeper to insure that they could find accommodations there, a stable for their horses, and to inquire about where they might be able to seek information in the city. The innkeeper told Saréna that the campus for the Collegia Arcanum (located in the “Middle City”) would likely have a good deal of information.

Edgar took this time to ask the barmaid about the statue in the lake and she recounted the story of Egiolin and the Thirty Days of Darkness. She told Edgar that he might be able to find more information at the tower of the Library of Legends.

After finishing his conversation Mouse caught sight of a human woman being escorted by a pair of High Elven bodyguards, after a moment he recognized the well-dressed woman as Catali Rivers (aka “Cat”), another urchin that he had known on the streets of Haham. Catching a glimpse of Mouse she looks at him terrified before averting her gaze and continuing onward to the cathedral of Enelwing for the outer portion of the city. Following discretely behind the trio Mouse entered the cathedral and was approached by Sena, the priestess in charge of the cathedral who took Mouse to a secluded portion of the cathedral where Cat would be able to speak to him without her bodyguards eavesdropping. Cat told Mouse he was in great danger and House Clawes was still intent of finding him. After he had stolen the necklace they had tortured her until she would tell them what she knew about Mouse, then made her give false testimony against one of the city guards which caused him to be removed from the guard and exiled from the city. After that House Clawes had kept her prisoner, but a High Elven noble was there to buy the necklace that had been stolen. Unwilling to leave empty-handed he took Cat as a substitute until House Clawes could make good on the bargain. Cat left under the watchful eye of her guards and Aida Sena made arrangements with Mouse to meet him at the Rounded Ear at dusk.

Unaware of Mouse’s whereabouts Edgar and Saréna went to the Library of Legends where they spoke with Librarian Akadran, an exceptionally old High Elf. Asking for more information about Egiolin’s actions to bring the Thirty Days of Darkness to an end Librarian Akadran took the pair back into the archives to find a large book containing an account of the Mage-Queen’s actions. Sadly finding the book to be written in Old Elven the two asked Akadran to set it aside for them while they left in search of an arcane aid to help them understand the language.

Reuniting as a group in a plaza at the intersection of roads between the Library of Legends’ tower, the Rounded Ear inn, and the Low Cathedral, the party (noting the approach of dusk) decided to head back to the inn for their meeting with Sena. A talented linguist (and with a soft spot for wanting to help Cat escape from her present situation) Aida Sena offered to assist the party in their translation and research needs.