The Silent Librarian

September 23rd, 214 UE, Kulidair

After spending a day translating the initial text you had tracked down at the Library of Legends Sena is able to tell you that while it’s a well-written account it doesn’t shed much additional detail onto the situation. However it did reference another tome which she was able to track down at the library of the Collegia Arcanum (which has better ties to the noble families of the Holy Dominion and some of their histories). She spends a day researching with that tome and is able to find something of note.

Sena spends another day and finds that the book at the Collegia makes reference to a period of famine in the region around the time of the collapse of the Old Elven Empire, which served as the lead up to the War of Spells (when the High Elves and Wood Elves formed separate nations). It also makes reference to Egiolin using some sort of item as a focus for her power that was gathered for her by the “Macila Mí Mornië” or “The Swords in the Darkness” a term with which Aida Sena is unfamiliar. However, she was able to uncover a note referencing yet another ancient tome, the “Parmaeva Otso Macila” (“The Book of Seven Swords”) which could show some promise in explaining more about the situation.

Unfortunately the book doesn’t appear to be in the stacks at the Collegia, being checked out some 50 years ago by one “Librarian Dasanthi of Nagarhi” from the Library of Legend.

The morning of the 25th you return to the archival tower of the LOL where Librarian Akadran is once again dozing off at his seat in the reference section. He wakes with a start and in response to your query tells you “Oh yes, Dasanthi. Hmm, now that you mention it I haven’t seen him recently.” He stops and slowly tries to recall dates in his head, most of them appearing to blur together while he leans on his staff for support. “Why, I’d say it’s been the better part of 50 years since I last passed him in the halls on the way to his quarters. I wonder where he’s gotten off to.”

He withdraws one of the large blue leather-bound tomes and takes the attached wand from it’s holder on the edge of the cover, he states “Librarian Dasanthi of Nagarhi” and taps the cover, the book flops open and the pages circle past from wherever they usually exist beyond the covers of the book, eventually stopping in a puff of dust. “Yes, well, he’s not listed as having passed away. Perhaps you might want to check his quarters and see if he’s there?”