The Silent Librarian - Wrap-up

You take the shredded remains of the Book of Seven Swords from the lab and make your way back out of the Library of Legends’ complex. (Careful to avoid the giant puddle of sizzling black goo, wondering why those statues are YET AGAIN in other locations as you come back through. Is that one standing at the base of the rubble looking upwards? Like it was trying to figure out where you went? They didn’t look that angry before, did they?)

After retiring to a dark corner of the Rounded Ear the priestess Aida Sena appears, greeting travelers to the city and letting them know they’re welcome at the Low Cathedral. She finds you and your new small friend poring over the cracked pages (The corner of this one is missing. Is that a bite mark?) and offers to lend a hand should you need it. If nothing else she’s able to help bring a bit more context to what Kibble is able to translate.

The book does manage to shed a bit more light onto the situation. While it doesn’t spell out the item that Egiolin used to end the thirty days of darkness it does explain that it was gathered for her by a force that was willing to do the queen’s (martial) bidding at any cost. The leaders of whom were elevated to Arnórë status (the lower-tier of nobility) as the Tirvarda. It also references the Serkë Aralqua as the queen’s builders who forged the walls of the city from the earth itself, and created a place of fortified defenses for the queen around the time of her great sacrifice to end the thirty days of darkness. The record ends there, but Sena is able to offer a few pieces of additional information.

The Serkë Aralqua is renowned as being a particularly vain family and one that keeps great records and details of their accomplishments in the archives of their keep. If there is more information to be had about their construction project for the queen that would be the best place to look.

She also mentions that in a few days the annual harvest festival (celebrated pretty much everywhere with varying traditions) will begin and that on the first night the Aralqua throw a ball at their complex for many of the nobles, if you wanted to gain access to their archives sneaking in during that event would probably be your best bet.

As she mentions the fact that the harvest festival is beginning in a few days Kibble perks up and takes notice. “Harvesthome? But it’s only {April}.”

“I think you’ll find it’s Nearly the end of {September}, my small friend.” The priest replies.

“No, I swear, I went into the Forlorn Cave in Dorothel {April} 11th, 179 UE. I have it written down right here in my notes.”

“I think you may find our local spirits are stronger than what you’re used to, friend. It’s {September} 28th, 214 UE.”