The Setting

There are still some gaps in here, I’m working on fleshing more out over time. If you have any particular questions you can ask me (if you know me, you know how to reach me already), or ping me on twitter at @ilyenor.

Nations of the Known Lands

Locations in the Known Lands

(A lot of these are still waiting to get filled in, apologies in advance.)


Towns and Villages

  • Clefalls (The Plains)
  • Kulerato (Adrindest)
  • Heyfalls (Mithlome)
  • Zirazir (Egiolin)
  • Lehill (Dorothel)
  • Montre (Southern Reaches)

Other Locations

  • The Bilgila Crags (Mithlome)
  • The Edhelgoroth
  • The Great Bay
  • The Grey Wastes
  • The Island of Tagena (Helladhil)
  • The Island of Wights (Arad)
  • The Llandre Woods (Dorothel)
  • The Sea of Dreams
  • The Tamba Jungle (Helladhil)