The Crossroads

“All the nuts get sold in The Crossroads.” -Common saying on the Plains

Predominantly a trading town The Crossroads is also a place where most people who seek an adventuring lifestyle (or just don't fit into normal society) end up passing through eventually. There is a frequent need for bodyguards and caravan security and on occasion groups such as the Library of Legends (or other collectors of antiquities) use the area as a staging point for expeditions.

There are usually a number of bulletin boards around the city bearing notices for different people hiring for various jobs. (The one across from the entrance to the Sword and Board being a particularly active one.)

  • Prosperity: Wealthy - Any mundane items can be found here, a variety of skilled laborers are available (but they are often busy).
  • Population: Growing - There are more people than buildings here (mostly because of the constant flow of traders and merchants).
  • Defenses: Guard - There is a standing city guard consisting of less than 100 members.
  • Market - Everyone comes here to trade, there are more goods available here than there would be in a similarly sized city in another location.
  • Guild - The Mercantile Guild maintains a guild hall here and has some sway over local politics.
  • Oath - The city is sworn to the service of the Kingdom of Thellerg.
  • Oath - The city is sworn to protect Clefalls.
  • The city is a trade hub and maintains regular trade with Haham, Kulidair and Clefalls.
  • The city has outgrown its local resources and regularly needs to ship in food from other parts of the Plains. The cost of food here is higher than it would be in other similarly sized cities in other locations.

Locations of note

  • Unwoth's Keep - Unwoth's Keep is the home of the noble family that runs The Crossroads. Officially they're sworn to the Kingdom of Thellerg, but they operate largely independent of actual oversight from the royal family.
  • The Marketplace - The main trading grounds where most of the action in the town takes place on a day-to-day basis.
  • The Sword and Board - An Inn and boarding house for the adventurers and mercenaries that flock to this area.
  • The Hammer and Sickle - An Inn for the traders and merchants that come to the town.
  • The Quill and Flagon - An Inn for diplomats and nobles.