On the east coast of The Great Bay sits Haham, the capital city of the Kingdom of Thellerg and primary center of human government/civilization and overall organization.


Officially among those people of Thell descent (those native to the region around Haham) the name of the city is pronounced HEY-am (with a subtle break in the middle). When dealing with almost anyone not from Thellerg itself that subtlety tends to be lost (most speakers with a Dwarven accent tend to pronounce the city like the word "Ham" for example). It's quite common for non-natives to instead refer to Haham as "The Capital" or "The City of Towers" to just sidestep the situation altogether.

About the city

The city has a deep divide between the rich/nobility and the peasant classes struggling to survive. Corruption among "officials" of all levels is considered rampant. While most people refer to the city as the "City of Towers" there are also those that refer to it as "The City of Dungeons" for it's harsh treatment of those who oppose the nobility and act against them as well as the many rumors of a number of additional dungeons deep beneath the city that are "privately operated" to various ends.

The noble families and the rich live in towers built mainly on the south hills of the city, the greatest of which is the royal palace (Videson's Hold).

The poor live in the lowlands in the northern part of the city in the (metaphorical and literal) shadow of the nobles. The northern part of the city lies largely at or below sea level and is protected by retaining walls from the waters of the great bay (or is most of the time, depending on how bad of a storm season it is).

Locations of note

  • The High Hill - The southern portion of the city (inhabited by the nobility, religious figures, government officials and the assorted rich and well-to-do) lies on the high hill which sits firmly above the general water-level of the city.
  • Videson's Hold - The royal palace and seat of ultimate power for the Kingdom of Thellerg. The Hold is the tallest and broadest on the high hill and while there is no law against it any of the other noble houses that have tried to expand beyond it's measurements have been the sites of unfortunate construction accidents.
  • The Library of Legends - The greatest collection of arcane knowledge and items in the known world lies within this tower. The tower of the Library of Legends is the second-tallest tower on the high hill (second only to Videson's Hold), but there is some debate over which of the two delves the deepest under the city.
  • The great cathedral of Enelwing - The church of Enelwing is closely entwined with the royal family. Whether because they are particularly pious or choose to use the Enelwing doctrines of order and structure as propaganda to their own ends is open to debate.
  • Port of the Great Bay - Ruthlessly monitored by the (largely corrupt) port guards, many incoming traders find their loads heavily taxed and subject to steep bribes before being allowed to unload. In recent years there has been a growing movement among captains to dock in Porthea instead but the superstitions around the Port Shrine of Racha run deep.
  • Port shrine of Racha - A small shrine to the goddess of the Sea and Storms Racha lies on a rocky outcropping in the bay that is only accessible by foot during low-tide. There is a strong superstition among merchant traders that they need to visit the shrine at the last low-tide before leaving port and leave a gift to Racha to help gain her blessing for their voyage. In clear weather this can be a difficult trek. It has been the demise of more than one captain who undertook the walk in the dark or with difficult weather.
  • The lowland - The north portion of the city is constructed in lowlands that lie at or below sea-level. They depend on the proper operation and maintenance of the levees (as well as the weather) to keep the area clear of water. Some of the better-equipped homes are equipped with stilts or walls to help provide some additional defenses when the water does infiltrate the area (which happens with increasing frequency).
  • The lowland levees - The primary line of defense between the seas of the great bay and the lowland section of the city. In recent years a dwindling budget for maintenance and repair of the levees has been the cause of an increasing number of flooding incidents. The flooding has become an increasing social issue but one that is largely ignored since it rarely impacts the nobility.

Characters of note

The royal family

  • King
  • Queen
  • Children

The King's Counsel

Religious leaders

  • High priest of the church of Enelwing
  • Overseer of the port shrine to Racha - An aging man who lives on the small island with the port shrine. The position is for life and he was expected to pass away a number of years ago.

Political and government figures

Arcane figures

  • Prosperity: Moderate - Most mundane items are available. Some types of skilled laborers.
  • Population: Steady - The population is in line with the current size of the city. Some slow growth.
  • Defenses: Garrison - There are armed defenders at all times with a total pool of 100-300 (or equivalent). There is always at least one armed patrol about the city.
  • Market - Everyone comes here to trade. On any given days the available items may be far beyond the general level of prosperity in the city.
  • Guild: The Library of Legends - The Library of Legends has a major presence (and some influence).
  • Oath: Porthea
  • Oath: Gawic
  • Oath: The Crossroads
  • Oath: Stanitoft
  • Oath: Principality of Thellerg
  • The City is ruled by a single individual.
    • Personage: The King - King {x} of House Videson
    • Power: Political - The city holds political sway over all other human territories with an Oath to the Kingdom of Thellerg.
  • The city has permanent defenses - Walls, watch towers, the bay.