The badge of Llaney is a shield shaped crest divided into four colors matching the colors of the main roads (red, yellow, blue, green)

The main roads of the city are…

  • West - Yellow ("the gold road") - Merchants, artisans, crafters, and traders.
  • North - Blue ("the river road") - Goes to the poleboat docks on the river and eventually to the farms in the north of Dorothel.
  • South - Green ("the field road") - The majority of farms are to the south of Llaney this road allows easy transport of agricultural goods to the city. Since this road also continues to the Human lands of the Plains it’s also sometimes referred to as “the high road” or “the tall road” (with the terms mostly delineated by family background and divided along Stout/Lightfoot lines).
  • East - Red (“the forest road“) - Religious temples, most of the city administration and whatever sorts of “nobles” live in the city are mostly along this road. It continues to the Llandre Woods to the east along the border with the Realm of Mithlome.

  • Prosperity: Moderate - Most mundane items are available. Some types of skilled laborers.
  • Population: Growing - More people than there are buildings.
  • Defenses: Watch - There are a few watchers posted who look out for trouble and settle small problems, but their main role is to summon the militia.
  • Market - Everyone comes here to trade. On any given day the available items may be far beyond their prosperity.
  • Guild: Confectioners - The Confectioners Guild has a major presence (and some influence).
  • Oath: Dorothel
  • Oath: Stout Keep
  • Oath: Lehill
  • The city is diverse: Halflings - Halfling goods are easier to get here than in other (non-Halfling) lands.
  • The city is ruled by the people.