The world of Ilyenor exists at the intersection of four planes, the Prime Material plane, the Wildlands, the Shadow World, and the Luminous Domain. The general populace of Ilyenor lives in ignorance of this arrangement, but some researchers of particularly obscure arcane lore understand the intersection of the four. Barely a handful of those have ever experienced a glimpse of what lies beyond the Prime Material and even fewer have travelled beyond its edges.

The Prime Material plane is the plane of “Reality,” it is where all the people of Ilyenor have been born, lived and died since the beginning of recorded history.

The Wildlands are the realms of the Fey and the Green Man, Elad. The shape and placement of the land echoes that of the Prime Material, but the Wildlands are greener, more lush and vibrant. Home to more wildlife and Fey spirits and all but lacking the trappings of “Civilization” from the Prime Material plane.

The Shadow World also mirrors the Prime Material but in a dark and desolate manner. There are some cities there, many carved of strange stone with shapes and structures unknown to the mortal races of Ilyenor. The largest structure in the Shadow World is the city of Kirr, which stands in the middle of a blighted plain in the space occupied by the Great Bay in the Prime Material plane. Those who have heard of the city have almost always heard it referred to as “The Prison City of Nightmares.”

The Luminous Domain is a place of light and an intense sense of glory. It echoes the Prime Material plane but in a sort of idealized organization and pattern. A shining city with towers of shimmering gold and silver stands here in the area occupied by the Grey Wastes in the Prime Material.