The Republic of Adrindest

The woods of Adrindest are filled with the giant [THING] trees. Hunting between their trunks, planting among their roots, and building structures among their highest branches you will find the Wood Elves of the Republic. They live their lives striving to keep the forest free of incursion and preserving the spirits of Elad they believe populate the woods.

A diverse nation providing homes for both Wood Elves and Forest Gnomes, the forests also provide hiding places for some tribes of Goblins.

The People of Adrindest

The Wood Elves of Adrindest tend to have tan to dark brown skin tones. Hair and eye colors are highly variable, but dark colors are commonplace. The general tendency among residents of the Republic is towards simple fashions with utility (as well as the potential to blend in to the forest surroundings) as the primary focus.

Children born out of wedlock take the name Taurë, the Old Elven word for "Woods."

Customs and Superstitions

The forests of Adrindest are the only known source for the hallucinogenic Earlcot fungus. Its use is frowned upon in most of the nations of the known lands. In the southern portion of the Republic, near the village of Kulerato (one of the few places where the fungus is cultivated openly), the local hunters are known to brew a toxin from the fungus which they use to poison their arrows.


When the Old Elven Empire began to collapse the Elves in the known lands began to bicker amongst themselves. Primarily split between the Wood Elves and the High Elves, the two factions eventually fought a civil war amongst themselves known as the War of Spells. Following this war the Wood Elves claimed ownership of the great forests of Adrindest and founded a new nation for themselves there.

Political Overview

Having seen the perils of living within a [IMPERIUM], when the Wood Elves broke free and formed a nation of their own they decided to form a government that would allow for better local representation of the citizens rather than something based on familial histories and pacts among the rich that were subject to manipulation.

Religion in Adrindest

The Republic of Adrindest does not maintain an official state religion and a wide variety of deities are revered in various portions of the nation. The most common religion is the reverence of Elad, the Green Man, the spirit of nature. There are some areas (primarily along the northern borders of the Republic, where more contact with the people of Thellerg and the Plains is common) where some small churches of Enelwing have been constructed.

Role of Nobility

The long-standing families of the Republic hold some political sway within the senate of Adrindest but no direct political or legal power.


Map and Locations of Note



[Coastal wetlands village]


  • Thellerg
  • Arad
  • Helladhil
  • The Plains
  • Southern Reaches
  • Adrindest
  • Egiolin
  • Dorothel
  • Mithlome

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