The People of Dorothel

Dorothel encompasses the native lands of the Halflings and while they are fiercely loyal to their particular families almost all of them are able to trace their lineage back to one of the two “old families” of the Stout and the Lightfoot clans.

Children born outside of marriage in Dorothel take the name “Dun” (the Halfling word for “Valley”) in place of a family name.

Customs and Superstitions

The Sparrow Speakers

A number of residents of Dorothel are able to pass brief messages (usually ones that would be under 140 characters if written) over large distances by using the nation’s blue sparrows as messengers.

“The Mask”

Much of the architecture and infrastructure of Dorothel is built for citizens of Halfling sizes and statures. As such they find it highly amusing when “tallfolk” visit their lands and experience issues with the difference in scale in their homelands. They consider it particularly amusing when visitors end up with black eyes from walking into errant beams and door jams intended for beings of Halfling size, and refer to this as “wearing the mask”.


Ugh, they need a history.

Political Overview

Dorothel doesn’t maintain any particular nation-wide political or governmental system. Almost everything is handled communally among the more influential families of the different geographic regions. Some influence may also be seen in different areas from a variety of local trade and artisans guilds.

There is an annual gathering in Llaney which serves as a makeshift “nation-wide” gathering, but typically anything of note outside a particular region (or involving the families of multiple regions) is handled on an ad-hoc basis with communication supported with the help of the Sparrow Speakers.

Religion in Dorothel

The majority of the population of Dorothel consider Alwen as a patron deity for the Halflings (with many asserting that she was a Halfling before her ascension at the hands of the gods). There are some churches devoted to Enelwing, but visitors will find shrines to Alwen far outnumber them.

Role of Nobility

While there are a large number of families within Dorothel (and most citizens are able to track their family’s lineage back several generations) few of them are considered truly “Noble” in the same way as the noble houses of the Human lands or the arnórë of the High Elves. Some may hold considerable influence, but usually only within a particular geographic region.


Map and Locations of Note


The Llandre Forest



  • Thellerg
  • Arad
  • Helladhil
  • The Plains
  • Southern Reaches
  • Adrindest
  • Egiolin
  • Dorothel
  • Mithlome

NPCs of note

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