The Principality of Helladhil

The People of Helladhil

The people of the tropical sun-drenched islands of Helladhil tend towards middle to dark skin tones but bear a variety of hair colors. Blue and green eyes are not uncommon and are consider a sign of good luck and a blessing from Racha the goddess of storms and weather. The finest shipwrights and many legendary sailors have come from the islands and they maintain a strong culture of tattoos and body modifications for identifying accomplishments and travels they have undertaken.

Children born outside of wedlock in the islands of Helladhil take the name "Sea" in place of a family name.

Customs and Superstitions


Political Overview

Religion in Helladhil

While the official state-sponsored religion is the Church of Enelwing there is still a strong devotion to Racha among the sea-going families.

Role of Nobility

There are some historical families which hold some minor influence throughout Helladhil, but the official noble families are all families who were granted their roles by House Videson after the islands were conquered in the War of Aros. House Clawes (a family traditionally of Thell heritage) holds the throne within the principality and represents the kingdom.


Map and Locations of Note


The Island of Tagena


  • Thellerg
  • Arad
  • Helladhil
  • The Plains
  • Southern Reaches
  • Adrindest
  • Egiolin
  • Dorothel
  • Mithlome

NPCs of note

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