Nobles Families and Houses

The Role of Nobility

The actual role and influence of Noble families varies for each Nation. For example, in the Kingdom of Thellerg almost all political power and legal decisions are made by the noble houses. However in the Republic of Adrindest the noble families hold some prestige and impart a certain amount of curious celebrity on their members, but outside of a potential to sway public opinion they hold no political power.

Elven Heraldry

There aren’t any hard and fast rules around the creation of heraldic devices, but the elves do share some common iconography that usually sets them apart from the other races. Most notably, the fleur-de-lys symbol is found almost exclusively in Elven heraldry. High Elven houses often incorporate blue or silver as one of the colors of their device. Wood Elven houses often incorporate green or gold.

While this is by no means a complete (or binding) list of noble families, it does represent some of the houses that characters may encounter.

Houses of the Principality of Thellerg

House Videson

One of the key houses behind the push for unification of the human lands, House Videson is now the royal family of the Kingdom of Thellerg. Heraldry

House Ramirez

Since House Videson’s ascension to the throne of the Kingdom House Ramirez has held the throne of the Principality of Thellerg. Heraldry

House Reaume

House Reaume are long-time banner-men of House Videson and on two occasions Reaume daughters have become queen. Heraldry

Houses of the Principality of Arad

House Voltz


Houses of the Principality of Helladhil

House Clawes

Originally one of the houses of Thellerg that supported House Videson’s push for unification during the War of Aros. Following the war the Adhil ruling family was stripped of their titles and lands and House Clawes was installed as the new royal family. Heraldry

Houses of the Plains

House Unwoth

The stewards of the Plains and the overseers of the Crossroads, House Unwoth has worked to maintain the peace and order in the Plains since before the Unification. Today they are largely focused on the management of the Crossroads and maintaining the peace there. Heraldry

House Silverhart

Perched over the falls in Clefalls Stag Hall the keep of House Silverhart is one of the more recent additions to the ranks of the noble families. The house was founded in 33UE when the hedge knight Sir Clevan Silver was granted the lands around the falls and wed Lady Elena Hart. Heraldry

Houses of the Southern Reaches

House Domke

The royal house of the Southern Reaches, House Domke makes their home in the high keep perched on the cliffs of Stanitoft overlooking the great bay and the docks below. Heraldry

Houses of the Republic of Adrindest

Houses of the Holy Dominion of Egiolin

The nobility of the Holy Dominion of Egiolin still refer to themselves by the Old Elven term Arnórë meaning “noble people” but have begrudgingly accepted that most other races (especially Humans) will probably just use the term “house” anyway. Those families able to prove a direct bloodline tracing back to Egiolin herself sometimes use the term Serke as well.

Serke [ROYAL]

While several of the Arnórë houses share a portion of their bloodline that can be traced back to Egiolin herself, the [ROYAL]s have the most direct path. Members of their bloodline have ruled the Dominion since the time of the Thirty Days of Darkness and seen it through some of its darkest and brightest hours. Heraldry

Arnórë Tirvarda

While the Tirvarda territory is technically to the northeast of Kulidair (and includes the portion of the Edhelgoroth that lies within the borders of the Dominion) most of the house is based in the city itself. They maintain close ties with Serke [ROYAL] and for the past two thousand years have played host to most of the high-ranking military leaders and decorated heroes of lore. Heraldry

Houses of Dorothel

Since most Halflings seem to not place much stock in the elevation of particular families over others most outsiders don’t pay much attention to Halfling bloodlines or heraldry. Even among the Halflings who do observe such things it’s mostly considered a subject of genealogical or familial interest.

House Stoat

Some members of House Stoat may be found elsewhere in Dorothel, but by and large this family is congregated in and around the Llandre woods and have a long history as trappers and furriers. All Stoats receive training with the short bow since hunting is such a necessity for their way of life (and to help defend against whatever else may come sneaking out of the woods).

House Thresher

Known throughout Dorothel for their ownership and maintenance of a majority of the grain processing facilities in the kingdom. House Thresher is one of the richer families overall and are considered somewhat influential (at least among those who like being able to eat).

House Poleman

As the name implies many of the members of House Poleman work the barges along the [NORTH] river. While not a particularly rich house it’s members are some of the best travelled and most “in the know” with regard to the news from other parts of Dorothel and the northern Plains (should their travels take them to Clefalls).

Clans of the Realm of Mithlome

Clan Stoneking


Clan Vitas


Clan Cogsprocket