Organizations and Factions

The Chirurgeon’s Guild (The Amber Lance)

A loose-knit collection of healers and caretakers. They tend to operate magical/alchemical-oriented “hospitals” in most large cities. (Heraldic device: Gules, bordure argent, chief lance tip or, base cross couped argent.)

Collegia Arcanum

A consortium of institutions of higher-learning focused on the arcane. Their primary campuses are in Haham and Kulidair, but they have smaller campuses in most of the major cities of the Known Lands. Most characters with a background in wizardry or working as a sage will likely have had close contact with the Collegia in the past.

The Library of Legends (LOL)

The largest museum of the arcane in the known world. Based in Haham. The LOL is known to hire adventurers to gather items of historical significance they wish to add to their collection. The arcanists of the LOL forgo their family in favor of their service to the Library (giving up their family names and instead becoming simply “Librarian [given name]”) and take the crest of the LOL as their own. (Heraldic device: Parted per cross purpure and sable, key crossed argent.)

The United Portal Service (UPS)

“The brown robes” are a group of wizards that operate a network of teleportation portals for long-distance deliveries and travel. Their services are fast, but not cheap, and have varying degrees of safety.