The Races of Ilyenor

The Humans of Ilyenor

The Thells

Typically olive-skinned and with dark hair and eyes, the people of the Principality of Thellerg are found in many places where the reach of the Kingdom extends its reach. Thell characters may speak and read Common and Thell.

The Arads

Native to the frozen north and with a long history as raiders and warriors the people of the Principality of Arad tend to be tall, muscular, fair-skinned and blonde. Arad characters know how to speak and read Common and Arad.

The Plainsmen

The people of the Plains tend to be considered dour and humorless, they have a variety of skin tones and hair colors Plainsmen know how to speak and read Common and Plain Speech.

The Southerners

The Adhil

The Elves of Ilyenor

Wood Elves

High Elves


A note on Drow and Dark Elves...

While any decision is subject to DM/GM approval the default assumption for games set on Ilyenor is that Drow or Dark Elven characters are not suitable for use as player characters.

The Dwarves of Ilyenor

Mountain Dwarves

Hill Dwarves

The Halflings of Ilyenor



The Gnomes of Ilyenor

Forest Gnomes

Rock Gnomes

Half-Orcs of Ilyenor

Other Races in Ilyenor

Other additional races may be allowed by your DM/GM, and you should consult with them if you have a particular race in mind that is not discussed here.