Ilyenor for Dungeons & Dragons

For the most part setting a D&D campaign in Ilyenor keeps everything as standard from the book in terms of rules and mechanics.

The Deities of Ilyenor and their Domains

Major Powers of Ilyenor

Deity Domains
Enelwing Light, Life
Elmindel Tempest
Elad Nature

Minor Powers of Ilyenor

Deity Domains
Penem Life, War
Azah Life
Hazar Life, Death
Gielyr Knowledge

Demipowers of Ilyenor

Deity Domains
Aglos Knowledge
Sariel Tempest
Racha Tempest
Illyrie Knowledge

The Ascended

Deity Domains
Alwen Nature
Ridwan Trickery
Arun Light
Gadrag Trickery
Kielyr Trickery

Character Backgrounds


The Acolyte background makes the most sense when used to represent a characer who has spent time in the lower-levels of the Church of Enelwing.


High Elven characters using the Noble background may choose to be of either the Arnórë or Serke tiers of the caste system of the Holy Dominion of Egiolin.


One option to consider when using the Sage background is that the character may have pledged their service to the Library of Legends and given up their actual family in the Library's service.