Ilyenor for Pathfinder

No alternate mechanics are necessary when running a Pathfinder game set on Ilyenor.

Cleric Domains by Deity

Major Powers of Ilyenor

Deity Domains
Enelwing Law, Nobility, Sun, Glory
Elmindel Chaos, Darkness
Elad Plant, Animal

Minor Powers of Ilyenor

Deity Domains
Penem Strength, Protection, War
Azah Community, Liberation, Healing
Hazar Death, Repose
Gielyr Magic, Rune, Artifice

Demipowers of Ilyenor

Deity Domains
Aglos Earth, Fire
Sariel Destruction
Racha Air, Weather, Water
Illyrie Knowledge

The Ascended

Deity Domains
Alwen Plant
Ridwan Luck, Charm
Arun Fire
Gadrag Madness, Travel
Kielyr Trickery